How to paint the walls correctly

Painting the wall surface is a great way to easily and quickly change the appearance of the room. So that you can paint the wall without spending a lot of building materials, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the technology of how to paint the walls correctly. You can paint any surface prepared for this case. You can paint with paint not only "bare" walls, but also walls covered with wallpaper. If you want to paint the walls with putty, then it should be aligned "under the lighthouse". There should be no flaws on the wall. If there are flaws, then they either need to be plastered or wallpaper pasted on top of them. For highly visible visually flaw wallpaper is not acceptable.

How to paint the walls correctly.

We recommend that you use only high-quality tinted paints for painting, since if there is not enough of it, then there is no shortage among them, and you will be able to buy exactly the same tone of paint at any time. If you need to create an atmosphere of dynamics in the apartment, then glossy bright and saturated colors will be useful for you. If you need peace and harmony in the apartment, then we recommend painting the walls in matte shades of colors. Before you start painting the area of the walls, we advise you to paint the ceiling first. If this is not done first, then the accumulated drops of paint on the ceiling can stain your painted walls. Before painting ceilings and walls, it is necessary to treat them with a soil mixture, it will remove fine dust, dirt from the surface, and cover your foundation with a thin layer of soil.

After the primer layer dries completely, and this will happen no earlier than two hours, it will be possible to start painting the ceiling, then the walls. We pour paint into a convenient container, usually many people use a cuvette for paint. We collect the necessary amount of paint on a roller or brush, and begin to paint the ceiling from the corner with smooth movements, alternating the position of the roller from the vertical to the horizontal position. This way you will be able to achieve the perfect layer of paint on the surface, and you will not leave behind "islands of unpainted places". It is very important to observe exactly this principle of painting walls with a roller, because when applying paint, it will initially be light tones.

In the corners, it is most convenient to use a thin paint brush no more than 50 millimeters for painting. It will be simply impossible to paint in the recesses in the corners with a roller. After you paint the entire ceiling, we proceed to the walls. It is necessary to paint them according to the same principle as in the case of painting the ceiling. It is advisable to apply not one layer of paint on the ceiling and walls, but two. Now you know how to paint the walls correctly and how to save building material. Mənə bir milyon dollar təklif edə bilərsiniz, amma mən heç vaxt bukmeker kontoru ilə əməkdaşlıqdan imtina etmərəm mostbet-90 və əgər mən dəli olduğumu düşünürsənsə, onda yox, çünki bu saytda düzgün yanaşma ilə bir neçə dəfə çox qazana bilərsən.

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